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Yuu and I finally ran into that fuzzy eared guy who took our treasure! We weren't able to get the diamond thing back, though... he's pretty good at fighting! He has a collar kinda like my armband, but it's black with a red jewel.

That jerk barely even said anything! He only said his name when Yuu asked! He was... um... Sar... something. But anyway!! He ran away, like a coward! X<

I'll get him the next time! Grr!

Oh, oh yeah. Yuu said she might go home for the holidays and bring me with her! She hasn't been home in a long time... I don't think she's seen her family since I met her and she started traveling with me! I hope everything turns out okay. :>

Oh! I almost forgot. Shin and Emmy, thanks for the maps! I'm sure they'll help a lot. And thanks for the marbles, Dianne, they're fun to play with when I'm bored. X>


Oh geez... Daivelt's overreacting again. Yeah, I'm angry that that guy took our gem, too, since we found it first, but Daivelt gets so passionate about things...

So that gorgeous thief finally told us his name: Sarceclo. What a pretty name~ He didn't look like he had our gem with him, so it would have been silly to try to fight. Which Daivelt did. ...and lost. -__-

For now we'll just have to gather information and figure out where he might have put it. Well, I'm not too worried about it. We'll get it back eventually.

Yeah, I've been thinking about going back soon to see Mama and Papa... I haven't been home in a few years. I wonder if they miss me at all? I regret leaving sometimes, but they had me on such a tight leash that I had never had a friend before Daivelt. I know they were concerned about my safety, but... they could have at least spent a little more time with me.

Well, wish me luck.

~Yumeka ♥

/Yuu + Dai

Yeah, Yumeka's addition to the entry is in italics. case that wasn't obvious.


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:40 pm
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OH MAN, PRESENTS. I'm excited. X>


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