Nov. 18th, 2008

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So Daivelt keeps going on and on about this weird journal thing. He says it's ~*magic*~ and that he sees other people writing responses to whatever in it. As if! I know some pretty crazy things have been happening lately, but that just takes the cake. I don't believe it.

So I took it while he wasn't looking and went through it. ...I admit there are a lot of different types of handwriting... and some of these "comments" seem more intelligent than Daivelt could ever be... ...GASP! What if Daivelt's got multiple personalities!? Oh no--oh geez--what do I do? My partner is crazy! What if one of them is some kind of serial killer?! ACK!

...oh geez, I'm going to give myself a heart attack like that. Well, it feels nice to write in a journal/diary after such a long time. I haven't had a diary since I was little. Sometimes I miss those days...

So we still haven't been able to get that diamond back from that handsome jerk. We haven't even found him yet! Ugh. Once we get to him I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. I should come up with a better nickname for him, though. Daivelt's "fuzzy-ear guy" just isn't cutting it.

~Yuu ♥


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